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Welcome to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).   

HEFC Learners - remember to check the Course Noticeboard!!

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Our VLE is called MOODLE.  In case you're wondering, we didn't make this up - it stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.  Moodle is an Australian invention, and is now used all over the world.  Apparently, the Australians use the word 'moodle' as a verb, meaning to do things as they occur to you, thereby encouraging creativity.  That sums up how Moodle has developed.  It is constantly evolving and being developed by the people who use it.

Moodle will allow you opportunities for additional study outside class, in your own pace and at your own time, and will allow you to communicate with others in your class.  It is our sincere hope that it enhances your learning and also makes it fun.  Happy Moodling!

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