Valencia 35

Viaje a Valencia

Febrero, 2014

This is a summary of our wonderful trip to Granada, Spain.

Students had the opportunity of learning the language and the culture in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

This has been a one-week full-immersion programme of lessons and activities held entirely in Spanish in a host school  in Granada – Spain. The learners had half a day lessons and activities the other half.  The teaching staff tried to emphasise aspects of Spanish culture during the lessons and the activities. Before departing from the UK the teaching supporting staff for the group established the levels and finalised the formation of the groups.  There was a main focus on equality and diversity by raising awareness of the Arabic/Muslim Spanish heritage in most of the activities. The trip also included: A Flamenco show, a lecture on Historical facts, an orientation tour around Granada and visit to the Cathedral, a one day trip to Cordoba, a half a day excursion to the Sacromonte, a half a day visit to the Alhambra, a Tapas evening. At the end of the course we had our final presentation of certificates of attendance and the learners were able to provide feedback on the overall experience.


The language team are organising a trip to Jerez for all Newcastle City learning Spanish learners from May, 29th –June 05 2013. The aim of the trip is to develop an understanding of Spanish culture and competence in the Spanish language.  In order to achieve this, you will have the opportunity to attend a language school and a number of trips, including visits to the Famous “Bodegas” from Jerez, Cadiz, and The National School of Flamenco. Accommodation is within host families on a half board basis. The total cost of the trip is £490.